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Why choose screen doors with a Pet Access Solution from Coast Screen Shop over other models? There's more than one reason to consider.

Pet access may be accomplished via patio pet doors, and units that may be installed in walls and windows, but for many home owners screen doors with a pet door mounted in the bottom are the right answer to their pet's exercising needs.

Many home owners do not relish the idea of putting a permanent hole in their home's construction. Aside from being difficult to repair the opening if the dog door is ever removed, some models compromise your home's insulation, leaving the area drafty.

Security can also be a major concern, since no pet door comes with an iron clad guarantee that unwelcome animals and other intruders won't be able to gain entry to your home. This issue becomes even more pressing anytime owners are traveling away from home for an extended period.



By having a pet door installed as part of a screen door, owners can close their exterior doors, securely blocking in and out access, and sealing the door against drafts. Yes, you'll occasionally need to let your pet outside yourself when the pet door will not be available, but it's really about making a trade for the convenience they need most at the given time.



• No more barking, mewing or ripped screens. Safer for your beloved pet.

• No getting up to let pets in or out. Instead, your pet can let themselves out whenever the need strikes them, and return inside when they're ready.

• Super durable pet screening resistant to clawing in and out are 7x stronger than standard mesh.

• All of our screen and window products are constructed with high strength non-corrosion resistant aluminum.

• In addition to pet access we also offer solutions to prohibit entry or damage to your sliding screen doors from large or overly enthusiastic pets. Grills are also available as an integrally installed part of your new screening units.

.• Doors are available ranging in 4 different sizes from Small to Extra-Large.

• Colors Available: Adobe, Anodized Silver, Black, Bronze, Tan and White to match your home's decor



Our professional screen door services include an array of top of the line, Brand Name products to accommodate your everyday needs. From retractable screen doors, swinging and sliding doors, pass through doors, pet doors, windows, Window coverings, garage doors and more. We also offer specialty items such as ovals, crowns and arches to custom fit your existing doors. Your options are many, the results are perfect and our prices are unbelievable! From rewiring to rescreening, you name it!  "We Can Handle It All!"



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