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Mirrored Closet Door Repair

MirroredClosetDoorRepair01Broken Mirror Replacements

No matter what the nature of the problem you’ve come to the right place. We are specialists at removing and repairing damage to glass.

Mirrors in homes need to be replaced when they are damaged or broken. A common cause of damage to bathroom mirrors is the blackening of the edges, referred to as mirror desilvering. Another type of damage to mirrors is scratches caused by incorrect cleaning, which leaves minor but visible scratches in the surface of the glass. In general most mirror replacement is required because of breakage caused by some type of impact. The edges of frameless mirrors are the most vulnerable area and when impacted which a solid object can cause cracks in the glass.

Sliding mirror wardrobe doors are usually located in high traffic areas in bedrooms. These mirrors are one of the most likely types of mirror that are broken by impact. They are generally made of thinner safety mirror, which does not withstand heavy collision with solid object. Sometimes older mirror wardrobe doors are not made will good quality safety mirror and as a result can provide a dangerous environment when broken. It is important to have this type of mirror replacement performed by a glazing professional.

For all of your glass and glazing requirements in Mirror Repairs call Coast Screen Shop. We supply and install a wide range of glass and mirror products in the Mirror Repairs area for almost any purpose in your home or business.

Broken Glass Replacements FastMirroredClosetDoorRepair07

Broken glass can cause problems such as weather penetration, personal injury and security. We can replace your broken glass fast.

Be it a mirror, tabletop, glass installation or glass replacement we provide a fast and reliable service. Give us a call and be pleasantly surprised with our professional service.

Services we provide

  • Replacement of Broken Mirror
  • Installation of Mirror to Existing Doors

There are many types of mirror doors available for use in domestic or commercial applications. One of the most common types is sliding wardrobe mirror doors, which are used to enclose one side of a bedroom to provide closet space. Mirrors can also be adhered to existing doors to brighten up a room and make it look larger whilst also providing the basic function of a mirror, a reflection. At Coast Screen Shop we are glass specialists and in general don’t supply timber doors or aluminum framing systems, however we do install the glass for these situations.

Replacement of Broken MirrorsMirroredClosetDoorRepair03

Although sliding mirror wardrobe door systems look great, from time to time they are subject to accidents in areas such as bedrooms. Usually the mirrors in these doors extend from floor to ceiling therefore they are susceptible to impact from chairs, toys, vacuums and many other things used in these high traffic areas. Even mirrors that have been adhered to a wall or some other type of door can be broken from this type of incident. By stocking most types of mirrors and possessing some of the latest technology in glass machinery, Coast Screen Shop offers a fast and reliable mirror replacement service throughout the North County area. Safety mirror is commonly used in these large sliding mirror doors and as a stockist of large quantities of safety mirror we can provide a fast turn around on this type of work.



New Mirrors for DoorsMirroredClosetDoorRepair05

Coast Screen Shop custom makes mirrors for installation onto existing doors. In many situations mirrors are an after thought for the interior design of homes. Although they are always used in areas such as bathrooms the addition of mirrors in bedrooms can offer both visual appeal as well as the essential reflection of a mirror. A mirror can even make your life easier by solving the problem of children squabbling over the use of a single bathroom mirror. As an alternative mirrors can also be fitted to the interior surface of wardrobe doors and once opened can provide a handy extra mirror or two. If used on two opposite doors they can also be positioned to offer a rear view when dressing which is something many people tend to forget about. There are many areas where mirrors can be utilized in homes but the inclusion of a mirror on doors can be very beneficial.


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